Below is a selection of my sculptures created in 2010.
Click on an image to view a larger version of the work. If you have
any questions about the work (or just a question in general) please
e-mail me.

Contact us at -> 3d@craigrobb.com


A Great Chain of Events 

River Runs Dry

That Which Remains

A Man's Words Come and Go

Dry Dock Refit


Vestiges of a Quixotic Man

Vagaries of Intuition

Untitled 10_4

Untitled 10_1

- Sold or no longer available


Untitled 10_3

Untitled 10_2

De Facto

This Strange, Utopic Now

Equinoctial Points


And Yet...

Untitled 10_5

Untitled 10_6

Untitled 10_7

City of Salt


The Language of Stuff

These are pieces that were in my 2010 Pirate show

A Profound Lack

Esmarelda born Agnes

Gathering of Angels


In Sooth

Mobius Gone Mad


One That Is Many



Parables From Zelda

Reticulated Esoteric Beliefs